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Anne-Marie Grgich
b. 1961

Artist Resume


Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle, WA
Gallery Bourbon Lally, NY Haiti Canada
Gallery Olof, Amsterdam


Barristers Gallery, Solo exhibition, New Orleans, LA

Olaf Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Month Long Artist Residency, Amsterdam, Netherlands
International Outsider Art Fair, Gallery Bourbon Lally, NYC

Boonbox in the Sky with Diamonds, Exhibition featuring Anne Grgich curated by Kandace Manning and Ian McMartin, 2 months, Kala Gallery, HipFish, Astoria Oregon
Museum of Peoples Art, Art Space Gallery, Group Show, Bay City OR
Dave Seehausen Outsider Art Exhibition, Buffalo N
From Margin to Centre. Curators: Paul Hoban & Colin Rhodes
Self taught and Outsider art: A selection of significant
international, national and local artists, Adelaide, AU
The Outsider Art Fair, NYC Gallery Bourbon Lally- Haiti Canada
Outsider Art Exhibition, Victoria BC
 Cascade Aids Project, Portland Oregon
The 2011 Sketchbook Project Tour Dates:
Space Gallery, Portland, ME
Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX (during the SXSW festival!)
The Granite Room, Atlanta, GA
Form/Space Atelier, Seattle
111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Transformer Gallery, Washington, DC
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida

Pottery Northwest Gallery, Seattle WA
Cascade Aids Project, Portland Oregon
Wonderquest, The Wonder Ballroom, Portland Oregon
Fountain Gallery, NYC, Permanent Collection
Unexpected Artists, Artwork by Self-taught Artists from the Collection of Tedd and Carol Arnold, Feb-March George Waters Gallery, Elmira College, NY
Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Tampere Gallery, Curated by Steve Vanoni, Finland
The Outsider Art Fair, NYC Gallery Bourbon Lally- Haiti Canada

"Snakes" at Callan Park Gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, Curated by Colin Rhodes
Archaeologies of the Extraordinary Everyday, Solo Exhibition curated by Colin Rhodes, The University of Sydney Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Folk Magic and Curious Objects, Curated by Anne Grgich with Kandace Manning, Barristers Art Gallery of New Orleans, NOLA
Heidi McBride, Gallery, Portland Oregon
Square Foot, Curated by TJ Norris, starting at Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon, traveling group show
The Outsider Art Fair, NYC Gallery Bourbon Lally, Haiti, Canada, Outsider Folk Art Gallery, Redding PA, Henry Boxer Gallery, Richmond, England.
Fountain Gallery Group Show, January 15

Internal Guidance Systems, The show represents a critical cross section from the vanguard of a new modern movement in visionary art, curators: Anne Grgich with Colin Rhodes.
Selected Venues:
Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR May 2006
N4th Gallery Albuquerque, NM June 2006
The Outsider Art Center, Minneapolis, MI Fall 2006
TAG Gallery, Nashville TN. February 2007
AOT Gallery, Port Townsend, WA 2007
Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC 2008
Track 16, Santa, Monica, CA 2008
Georgetown Tileworks, Seattle WA: Selections of I.G.S and Anne Grgich Collection
Lewis and Clark College: Selections of I.G.S and Anne Grgich Collection lecture and workshop: The Arnold Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Outsider Folk Art Gallery, Redding PA. July/August 2008 Lectures on I.G.S. 2008

December: Women in Art, Group Show Artisans on Taylor, Port Townsend WA

Orange Regional Gallery continues our focus on Outsider Art/Art Brut with an important exhibition of international Outsiders collected by Professor Colin Rhodes, one of the leading authorities on this artform. Dr Rhodes is currently in Australia as Dean of Sydney College of the Arts.
Spring: AOT Gallery Women in Art, Groups Show Port Townsend, WA
The Intuit Show, Chicago, represented by Garde Rail, Marcia Weber, The Checkered House Galleries
40 Portraits/ 40 Artists Gallery One Visual Arts Center, Ellensburg, WA

The Walker Arts Center, Group Show, relationships, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Milwaukee, WI.

International Outsider Art Fair, NYC Gallery Bourbon Lally, Haiti, January 2008
International Outsider Art in Vienna, Austria Represented by Phil Demise Smith
BE BLUE (SKY) Group Exhibition October 3 - October 27, 2007, Portland, Oregon

Mark Woolley Gallery, Small Wonders, Group Exhibition, Portand, OR
Art Singulier Festival, Incarceration, Group Exhibition France
Art Haus, Month Long Group Show, Nashville, TN.
The Outsider Art Fair, NYC Henry Boxer Gallery, London, UK. 2006-2007
The Outsider Art Fair, NYC Gallery Bourbon Lally, Canada
The Affair at the Jupiter Hotel, Garde Rail Gallery September 14 - 16, 2007

Museum Creation Franche, Creations Dissidente, 6 Artists, Begles, France
Gallery Herenplaats, Rotterdam, The (U.S.) of the Unconscious, Group Show, curated by Phil Smith
Art Singulier International Festival, Aubagne, France
Create/Fixate, Taylor Spring Arts Tower, Gallery Row, LA, CA
Fantazious, Taylor Spring Arts Tower, Gallery Row, LA, CA
International Outsider Art Fair, NYC, Represented by Gallery Bourbon Lally, NYC, Canada
Simply Red, The Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Kentuck Arts Festival, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, WA. The New of Ree Brown, Anne Grgich, Tim Fowler
The Outsiders Gallery, 2 Person Exhibition, Anne Grgich / Mr. Imagination, Connecticut
Marcia Weber Gallery, at Broome St. Gallery, NYC, 12th Annual Self-Taught Artist Exhibition
Harmony Gallery, Hollywood, CA Divine Messages, 12-week exhibition

A.A.F. Gallery, NYC, Represented by Gallery Bourbon Lally, Montreal, BC
The Kentuck Arts Center, The Kentuck Arts Festival, Tuscaloosa, AL
The Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR Miniatures, 25 international artists, curated by Anne Grgich.
ART HAUS/Harmony Books Gallery, Hollywood, Thornton Dial/Anne Grgich
The Walker Gallery, Milwaukee WI. Sister Stories, curated by Della Wells and David Smith
International Outsider Art Fair, NYC Represented by Henry Boxer Gallery

Artesian, Edinburgh, Scotland UK Symptom & Symbol: Art/Healing Process
James Coleman/Pauline Flach Production, London, UK The Outlaws, Wanted Cuidado! Armandos Y Peligrosos, Vivos O Muertos
Inspired Art Fair, London, England, UK
Intuit Art Fair, Chicago, IL, Yard Dog Gallery
Cobalt Design, Marietta, GA The World of Anne Grgich & Norbert H. Kox
Atlanta Folk Festival, Norcross, GA, Garde Rail, TAG Gallery

Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, WA The Method of Annie - 12 Years of Anne Grgich (solo exhibition)
Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, WA Scattered, Smothered & Covered, Southern American Outsider & Folk
Three Gallery, San Pedro, CA Held Ransom, Dysfunctional Relationships
Yard Dog Folk Gallery, Austin TX Magic Seven, Group Show
TAG Art Gallery, Nashville, TN, Recent Grgich & Apocalyptic Art
Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, WA, Blocks & Totems: The Toy Show

American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD. HIGH on LIFE

Exhibits USA Curated & toured by a subdivision of the Mid-America Arts Alliance, Revelations and Reflections of American Self-Taught Artists
Selected Tour Dates:
The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, AR. September 01, 02 - October 20, 2002
Stedman Art Gallery, Camden, NJ November 10, 2002 - January 07, 2003
Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth, OH January 28, 2003 - March 16, 2003
Union College, Schenectady, NY June 16, 2003 - August 11, 2003
UNLV Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 10, 2003 December 14, 2003
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT February 20, 2004-March 20, 2004
The Middlebury College Museum of Art, Middlebury April 06, 2004- August 2004
Hearst Art Gallery, Moraga, CA September 01, 2004 - October 20, 2004
Loveland Museum and Gallery, Loveland, CO. November 10, 2004 February,2005
The Art Museum of SE Texas in Beaumont, TX June, 2005 - August,14, 2005
The Museum of the Southwest in Midland, TX April, 6, 2005 - May, 25, 2005

Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR. Anne Grgich 2001 (solo exhibition)
Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, and TX Anne Grgich, Paintings (solo exhibition)
Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, WA Paintings/Books(solo exhibition)

TAG Gallery, Nashville, TN Sibling Rivalry: The Art of Brother and Sister
Modern Primitive Gallery, Atlanta, GA Anne Grgich/Terry Turrel
Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma WA Smithsonian Folk Art Collection
Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, France Noir Sur Blanc: Mondes Interieur, 8 International Artists

Elisa Pritzker Gallery, New Paltz, NY Self-Taught Masters (group exhibition)
American Pie Art, Wilmington, NC Group Exhibition
MIA Gallery, Seattle, WA Straight from the Heart (group exhibition)
Katonah Library, Katonah, NY The Hand Connected to the I

America, Oh Yes! Washington, DC, American Folk Artists (group exhibition)

Grover/Thurston Gallery, Seattle, WA Recent Paintings (solo exhibition)
Sailors Valentine Gallery, Nantucket, MA Recent Paintings (two person exhibition)

Fassbinder Gallery, Chicago, IL (group exhibition)
Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA Ex Libris (group exhibition)
MIA Gallery, Seattle WA So Long Salon Mia McEldowney, closing gallery exhibition

MIA Gallery, Seattle, WA In Search of Absence (solo exhibition)
American Primitive Gallery, NYC NW Visions Anne Grgich, Terry Turrel, Calkins
Sheppard Art Gallery, Reno, NV Memories and Visions (group exhibition)

Jamison/Thomas Gallery, Portland, OR Tough Love (solo exhibition)
Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA The Illustrious Art of Books
Society of Contemporary Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA Social Fiber, Unraveling the Message
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA Folie la Deux: Collaborative Teams (group exhibition)

MIA Gallery, Seattle, WA Heads or Tails (group exhibition)
MIA Gallery, Seattle, WA Northwest and Beyond (group exhibition)
Jamison/Thomas Gallery, Portland, OR Mind Screens (two person exhibition with Jon Serl)

Gallery A, NYC Curated by Rachel Kind (group exhibition)

Gallery 163, Seattle WA Female Figures of the Ages (solo exhibition)

Whatcom County Art Museum, Bellingham, WA NW Annual Competition
Alonso/Sullivan Gallery, Seattle WA Two Artists (with Jose Isquierdo)

Friction Gallery, Group Book Show, Portland, Oregon, 8 Books


HIPFiSHmonthly, the Columbia Pacific’s free alternative. Volume 12 Issue 154
October 2011 Anne Grgich at Kala Gallery, cover article on Anne Grgich

Trunk Volume One: Hair, Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones, Chapter by Colin Rhodes, Life Pulsating, Troubled, Exhalting
Outsider Art Sourcebook - new enlarged edition March 2009
Raw Vision is producing a new, updated version of the famous Outsider Art Sourcebook. Having sold thousands of copies around the world, the Sourcebook has proved itself to be an indispensable guide to the world of Outsider Art, essential for all enthusiasts and collectors of Outsider Art, as well as a fascinating introduction to the different facets of the genre.
NY Times Magazine, New Orleans article with photos of Anne Grgich solo exhibition at Barristers Gallery-Friday Dec. 5th 2007.
Raw Vision Magazine Reviews and Raw News, 2006-2009 for traveling exhibition Internal Guidance Systems
Museum Creation Franche, March 2005, Issue #24 Life pulsating, troubled, exalting - work by Anne Marie Grgich, by Colin Rhodes
American Visionary Art Museum, High on Life/Transcending Addiction Virtual Tour Bridge to Compassion-2005
American Visionary Art Museum, High on Life/Transcending Addiction Magazine

Preview, The Gallery Guide, (magazine/Online) Alberta-British Columbia-Oregon-Washington, June/July/August 2004 Full Page review on Miniatures
Tom Patterson, Art Along the Boundaries An appraisal of the liminal artists working on the boundaries of Outsider Art, (color image from The Palimpsest Book") 1998 Raw Vision Magazine issue 46 2004
Self Portrait, written by Anne Grgich Artesian Arts, Edinburgh Scotland, UK 2004
Internal Guidance Systems, (USA Tour 2006-2008) Forthcoming International touring exhibition
The Goddessa Variety, illustrated by Anne Grgich, Artesian Arts, 2004
Revelations and Reflections of American Self-Taught Artists, Exhibits USA Catalogue.

Albert Jen: Toys as Art at Garde Rail, South Seattle Star. 2002.
Noir Sur Blanc Catalogue 2001-2002 Damian Michaels, Martine Lusardy, Director/Curator, Halle Saint Pierre, Noir sur Blanc: Mondes Interieurs. Paris: Travioles/Halle Saint-Pierre, 2001
Still Life Giving, 2001, A Journey into outsider Art, 24 Minute Video Interviews airs on Canadian Bravo TV, Yuri Arajas
Raw Vision Outsider Art Source Book, The Essential Guide to Outsider Art, Art Brut, Contemporary Folk Art
Sellen, Betty-Carol, with Cynthia J. Johanson. Self-Taught, Outsider, and Folk Art: A Guide to American Artists, Locations and Resources. Jefferson: McFarland & Co., 2000.
Gonnella, Rose. The Books of Anne Grgich. Raw Vision [cover story]. No. 22, Spring, 1998.
Cohen, Lita Solis: New York City, The Outsider Art Fair Maine Antique Digest. 1998.
Gonnella, Rose. A Connection with Faces. Arts Net. Spring 1997.
Smith, Roberta. Outsider Art Review. New York Times. January 24, 1997.
1996 Newsweek Magazine: “Swimming to Seattle--Move There” photo with mention in article about Nirvana and Microsoft. May 20th 1996

Patterson, Tom. Catalogue MIA Gallery, Seattle, WA 1996.

DeForest, Chase. Anne Grgich. Folk Art Finder, Vol. 17. No.3, July-September, 1996.
Gillis, Cydney. Outsider Looking In. The Stranger. September 12, 1996.
Grossman, Bonnie. Memories and Visions: Self-Taught and Outsider Artists West of the Rockies, Reno Univ. of Nevada, 1996.
Rosenak, Chuck & Jan. Contemporary American Folk Art: A Collectors Guide. NYC: Abbeville Press, 1996.

Patterson, Tom. Bandwagon Reactionaries and Barricade Defenders. New Art Examiner. September 1994.


Slotkin Folk Art Auction, GA. Book from the Rosenak Collection 2004
Office of Cultural Affairs, Grant with SPACE Sand Point Way/Teen Art Project: Sculptural Puzzle /Book Arts Classes 2003
COCA/Garde Rail Gallery/airport art/globe & hand carved & painted wood totem 2003
Office of Cultural Affairs, Grant with SPACE Sand Point Way/Teen Art Project: Sculptural Puzzle /Book Arts 2003 Selected for the Inclusion in the Washington State Arts Commission Competition for the Artists Resource Bank, Art in Public Places Program, Truman High School. 2003
Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Emergency Assistance Grant, NYC
Artists Fellowship Inc. Emergency Assistance Grant, USA 2001
1987 Cornish College of the Arts, One Semester, Scholarship, Seattle, WA


Milwaukee  Art Museum, Milwaukee WI Outsider Art Collection permanent collection donated by Anthony Petullo 2012 March Opening.
University of Sydney, Art Collection, Sydney, Australia
Callan Park Gallery, Self Taught and Outsider Art Collection, curated by Colin Rhodes
Max Amann, Switzerland
Museum Creation Franche, Begles, France
Katherine Dunn, Portland, Oregon
Manuel Isquierdo Estate, Portland, Oregon.
Micheal Francis Brophy, Portland, Oregon
Gordon Gilkey, Portland, Oregon
William Jamison Estate, Portland, Oregon
Carolyn & Robert & Steve Doughton, Portland, Oregon
Rachel Kind, NYC
Phil Smith, NYC
Dave Seehausen, NYC
Mia McEldowney, Seattle, Washington
David Smith, Vermont
Steve & Dolly Hessler, Washington, DC
Randall & Nancy Lott, Marrieta, Georgia
Mark Karlson, Atlanta, Georgia
The Chuck and Jan Rosenak Collection/Smithsonian Folk Art Registry. Virginia
The Chuck and Jan Rosenak Collection, Florida
Terry Turrell, Seattle, Washington
The Anthony Petullo Collection, Milwaukee,Wisconsin
The Lois Zetter Collection, Carlsbad, NV
Dick Goerig, NV
Mark Rosenthal, NYC
Elaine Johansen, CA
Damian Micheals, The Collection Art Visionary, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Kevin Sampson, New Jersey
Charles Benefiel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jonathon Demme, Director of Silence of the Lambs
London Art Museum, Outsider Archives, UK.
Halle Saint Pierre, Museum, Paris, France.
Martine Lusardy, Paris France
Robert Collison, San Fransisco, CA


Carriage House Studio, Portland Oregon, Spring weekend group and individual art instructions, Layers of Chimera, Pop Art Rose, Landscapes of Mind.

Carriage House Studios, Six classes with AMG October 2010
Pottery Northwest Residency, Seattle, Washington

Residency at Sydney College of Art, Sydney AU, Callan Park Mental Patients
Private Instructions with individuals in my studio in Portland Oregon

Art Unraveled, Phoenix, AZ
Art and Soul, Richmond, VA

AOT Gallery, Port Townsend, WA
Art House Gallery, Nashville, TN
Art Unraveled, Phoenix, AZ

AVAM, American Visionary Art Museum, Discordian Accordian, Landscapes of Mind. Baltimore, MD.
The Queens Ink, Pop Art Rose, Landscapes of Mind, Savage, Baltimore
Arts Corps, Seattle Urban Academy, Spruce St. "The Studio" , The Frye Art Museum, Spring and Summer, Seattle, Washington
Art Fest, Port Townsend, WA
Art Unraveled, Phoenix Arizona
Innerstandings, Landscapes of Mind, Portland Oregon
Art & Soul, Fall Art Retreat, Portland, Oregon

Art & Soul, Hampton, Virginia
Art Werx, Vancouver BC
Arts Corps, Seahurst Elementary, Burien, Washington
Art Fest, Port Townsend, WA
Art Unraveled, Phoenix, AZ
Art Intensive, 8 Weeks, Seattle, WA-Private Lessons

Art Unraveled, 3 days, Phoenix, AZ
Art Fest, Port Townsend, WA
The Queen Anne Toddler Art Society, Seattle, WA
Sand Point Way/Magnuson Naval Station, Seattle, WA Teen Art Project

Sand Point Way/Magnuson Naval Station Teen Art Project: Book Painting Project/Technography
Seattle Center High Seattle, WA Summer Mentor Teen Book Arts w/ L. Atkinson
Green Bay University, Green Bay, WI Artist Lecture, Book Making Workshop

Ballard High School, Seattle, WA Poetry Book Design, Sponsored by Art Reach

St.George Elementary, Seattle, WA Painting and Book Making

Crest Learning Center, Mercer Is, WA MM & Book Arts Instructor

MADD, Youth Conference, Nashville, TN Directing Teen Mural Painting
Art Reach, Class Planning, Seattle, WA Mixed Media & Book Arts Instructor
Orion, High School Painting, Seattle, WA MM & Book Arts Instructor

Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA, Art Exhibit-Book Art, House Project, Workshop and Sea First Gallery Exhibition "AWay to Say, Youth Art Exchanges", sponsored by Pacific Arts Center & Sea First Bank

San Francisco City College, San Francisco, CA Lecture in Humanities

Metropolitan Learning Center, Portland, OR Quilt Project and Collage Instruction, studio visit of the production of "Random Phenomena" magazine.


Wonderquest, Portland, Oregon
American Folk Art Museum, NYC
The American Folk Art Society, Katrina Benefit, Virginia
Cascade Aids Project, Portland, Oregon
Artist Trust, Seattle, Washington

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