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Haitian Cow Horn BraceletHaitian Cow Horn Bracelets

Various sizes and colors
All unique, no two alike

Price : $

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Vodou - A Way of LifeVodou, A Way of Life

by Jacques Hainard

Format 23 cm x 28 cm 11" x 9"
Pages : 176

Price : $65 plus postage

Catalogue of the above exhibition which took place at the Musée d’ethnographie of Genèva...more >>

Tiga: Moule dans l'argileTiga: Moule dans l'argile

Published by Alliatiga Founadtion
Texts by 11 people in French
190 Pages
Many color reproductions
"J'ai trouve mon art a l;ecole de mon peuple
11'x 8.25" (28cm x21cm)
Price:$55 plus postage

Small Haitian NotebookPiccolo Taccuino Haitino

Small Haitian Notebook
Petit Journal Haitien

by Roberto Stephenson

Format: Soft cover, 5.5 " x 4.25" (14 cm x 11 cm)
Pages: 128
Color Photographs: 126

Price : $18 plus postage

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Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Outsider Art, Photography, Sculpture, Paintings, Vodou...

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